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Welcome to naturallyshauniece.com. I am Shauniece and thank you for stopping by! I am the mother to my handsome sons Isaiah, and Xavier, the wife to my incredible husband Rodney, a Lifestyle, and Beauty Blogger based in Prince George’s County, Maryland. Naturally Shauniece was started to inspire the modern day woman across all aspects of her life with a particular focus on healthy natural hair and motherhood. While healthy natural hair and motherhood play important roles in my life, my journey to be naturally Shauniece has evolved into a much greater purpose, being a resource to you, from education on how to care for your natural hair, to practical resources and tools for being a mother on the go.

Healthy Hair, Naturally

If you are looking for a new curl friend to share practical hair tips, inspiration, and most importantly, educate you on how to take care of your natural hair,  this is the site for you! I’m passionate about healthy natural hair and you’ll find me on YouTube and Instagram sharing tutorials of some of the flyest natural hair styling and product options. I keep it simple and fun. I have been a naturalista for over 13 years and have had every style from bald, short, long, straight, and curly. Over the years I’ve learned a great deal about how to maintain healthy natural hair, and I’ve grown a keen interest in the stories behind women entrepreneurs and the business of natural hair. On Naturally Shauniece, you will hear the riveting stories behind women entrepreneurs and the business of natural hair.


I am the proud full time working mother of two boys, ages 13 and 9. When I’m not working or making YouTube tutorials, I’m shuffling my sons to baseball and basketball practices (and games, trainers, music lessons, ect...). That’s right I’m a full time AAU youth sports mom who also struggles with the demands of motherhood, self care, and career. You’ll usually find me at a baseball or basketball tournament yelling and screaming because as much as I hate our demanding schedules, I love seeing my kid’s talents and passions.

I’ve built a successful career in Project Management and like describe myself as a ‘Project Mommager,’ that is a mother who project manages all aspects of life to excel professionally, accomplish dreams, stay organized, and take care of myself. I’m continuously learning and actively applying project management principles to everyday tasks like working out, eating healthy, cooking dinners, cleaning my house, and managing busy kid schedules. Since mothers and women are always asking me “how do you it?”, I decided to start my blog and share my experiences, tips, and resources on motherhood, career, health and fitness, and self care.

Hope you enjoy the blog and thanks for reading!

- Shauniece



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