How To Turn A Business Trip Into A Momcation

Me jumping for for joy on a 7 day business trip turned momcation in Chicago.

Me jumping for for joy on a 7 day business trip turned momcation in Chicago.

As a full time working mother I’ve taken my fair share of business trips. Within the last 3 years my perspective on business trips has changed from dreading being away from my home, to a full on mad dash to escape my family. LOL! On each of my recent trips I made it a personal goal to do and experience things that I love to do, but don’t always have time for. I like to call this a “momcation”. A momcation is a special time when a mother can escape her husband and children for some much needed self-care, relaxation, and to re-center oneself. On a momcation, a mother does things she likes to do including room service, dinner in bed, eating without interruption, using the bathroom in peace, or simply taking an exercise class. Upon each of my returns I’ve been surprised to hear other mothers share their desire for a momcation and the need for some much needed self-care. Today I share my personal strategies for creating the perfect momcation while on a business trip. If you do not travel for work, these strategies can also be incorporated into the comfort of your own home or even a local staycation by yourself.

1. Take time to reflect, mediate, or journal.

This is the most important step to turning your business trip into a momcation. I know for me having alone reflection time is a very rare occasion. When I’m on a business trip I use my alone time to reflect and re-center myself. For me this means waking up early for prayer and connecting to God. Before bed I journal my feelings and goals. I may even spend one night reviewing my calendar and making vision boards. I use this time as a personal check-in with my spirit.

2. Plan how you want to spend your time BEFORE your departure.

There is nothing worse than going to a new city and having NO clue about restaurants, places to see, or things to do. So a few weeks before a business trip, I write out a long list of things I’ve been wanting to do, but never have time for. Since I often don’t know my work commitments until right before I depart, I create save places or activities that I want to do in Google. Once my work commitments are finalized, I then add calendar time to visit my saved places.

3. When confirming your airfare, plan to arrive earlier than your work events.

When I travel for work I like to take full advantage of my company’s dollars! LOL! I try to maximize the budgeted funds my company pays for. When it comes to airfare, I like to arrive the night before or early morning before my work commitments begin. Doing so has enabled me to execute my plans for spa time, exercise, shopping, and touring the city.

4. When in a hotel room alone, enjoy it.

My most favorite part of business trips is staying in a hotel BY MYSELF!!! Do you hear me? By myself. Lol! I love returning to a clean, quiet, and organized hotel room. No kids arguing, nobody asking where their baseball pants are as soon as I enter the house, and most of all, no 2 hour routine of cooking dinner and cleaning the kitchen. Here are some things you can do to enhance your hotel experience: jump on the bed like you’re 7 years old, order room service and eat peacefully in your bed (MUST DO), take a nice hot shower or bath, go swimming or dip in the hot tub, enjoy a drink at the bar, eat dinner by yourself at the hotel restaurant, journal, meditate, pray, sit in silence, and catch up on your favorite TV shows without any interruptions.

5. Dress up and spend a night out on the town

If you’re on a business trip I encourage you to spend one night out on the town. This doesn’t have to be elaborate or expensive, it can simply be getting dressed up, putting on make-up, having drinks in the hotel bar, taking a night stroll, going to a museum, window shopping (or in my case, real shopping), getting a manicure and pedicure, or enjoying a nice dinner by yourself. Whatever you choose to do just know that you will feel so much better afterward.