Styling Made Easy - Tips for Hassle Free Styling

A Fresh Twistout

A Fresh Twistout

Hi Curl Friends! Look, we all know that styling our natural hair is no easy task. We’ve spent countless Friday nights or all day Sunday washing, deep conditioning, protein treatments, detangling, twisting, and so on. Over the last 14 years I’ve experienced my fair share of epic styling fails that resulted in me wearing a hat or head wrap to cover up until I had time to re-do. On this journey I’ve also had seasons of breakage, dryness, fairy knots, and limited growth. I’m still on my personal journey to healthy natural hair, but now I have a much clearer understand of how to handle my hair with care. Today I’m sharing a few tips to make your styling easy and hassle free.

Tip 1

Get your hair CLEAN CLEAN before styling, especially if you are doing a fresh twist out or wash and go. Sometimes our curls don’t pop because our hair is dirty, even if you are co-washing. So if you want fresh, bouncy, defined curls, be sure to clarify your hair.

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Tip 2

If your hair is dry and tangles easily, try incorporating a pre-poo treatment. A pre-poo treatment  helps protect your natural hair from the shampooing process, and not strip any moisture and your hair of its natural oils. Pre-pooing is also a great way to detangle making washing more manageable. I actually don’t have to detangle again after pre-pooing.

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Tip 3

Try shampooing and detangling in sections. When I had really long hair washing and detangling in sections was the only way I could manage my hair. Handling your hair in sections makes for easier detangling and breakage from detangling large sections. Preventing breakage from detangling may help with length retention and prevent split ends making longer and healthier hair.

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Tip 4

Water is a curl’s best friend! LOL!  Water is the basis for hydration and moisture, before applying product. I used to think that the more product I apply, the more moisturized my hair will be. However, over time I’ve learned that its actually the opposite. The more water I apply, the more products absorb into my hair, thus, making defined and moisturized curls. So before adding products make sure your hair is wet. I love my aerosol spray bottle and use it for every style. Even when re-applying product, be sure to add water first to reactive the existing products in your hair.

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Tip 5

Try using COLD water when styling. Cold water seals the cuticles and makes for shiny, more manageable hair. Think of it like this: hot water opens cuticles like when you get a facial, and warm steam is used to open your pores. Cold water does the opposite and works to close your pores and seal moisture into hair follicles.

Happy styling Curl Friends!