DC's Top Boutique Gyms - Boombox Boxing

My instructor, David Guisao, and I, getting ready for an intense Boombox workout.

My instructor, David Guisao, and I, getting ready for an intense Boombox workout.

I recently visited Boombox Boxing Club in one of Washington, DC’s new and growing neighborhoods, Capitol Riverfront. Capitol Riverfront is filled with chic restaurants, luxury apartments, the Washington Nationals Stadium, and of course, boutique gyms like Boombox Boxing Club. I first heard about Boombox when a girlfriend invited me to a complimentary class. I didn’t know exactly what to expect, but I knew I wanted to try something new and high energy. I did some preliminary research and discovered that Boombox is a 50-minute boxing class and is the perfect marriage between boxing, strength training, and a bomb playlist. Upon learning the basics of Boombox I was even more excited to venture into the city to try something new. Below is my experience and review. 

Let me know if you will give Boombox a try!

What You Need To Know

  • No boxing experience necessary. The classes are designed for all fitness levels ranging from beginner to advanced boxers

  • This is an enhanced cardiovascular workout

  • The workout includes strength training with kettlebells, medicine balls, and resistance bands. 

  • The location is literally right in front of Nationals Stadium which means there is limited to no street parking. I recommend taking Metro or Uber. If you drive build in at least 30 minutes to find parking (if there’s a Nationals baseball game, 45-minutes to 1 hour)

The Boxing Studio

Upon entering the gym, I was asked to register and paid for my gloves and wrist wrap. I also received a goodie bag complete with a Boombox towel and chapstick. I then headed over to the lockers to store my stuff. I greeted my friends and lined up for class. Upon entering the class the instructor personally greeted each student and asked us our names. We were then led to a dark boxing studio that looked like a full blown club with neon lights and blasting music. Here’s what I liked most about the studio: 

  • Everyone gets their own punching bag which is labeled with a number you receive upon registering

  • The studio is very spacious with enough room to not bump into others when doing punching combinations or strength training

  • Everyone has their own weights, so you don’t have to fight over equipment

  • There’s no musty smell in the studio (you know how these gym studios can smell)

  • The technology is superb with overhead screens listing the complete workout, next punch combinations, and a timer

The Workout

This was my first official workout after having surgery on my torn Achilles Tendon. To say I was hesitant with participating in a high impact workout is an understatement, but  I told myself I would listen to my body. As mentioned above, the studio is dark with neon lights, and the workout begins with a loud countdown signaling the start of the workout. I compare this workout to SoulCycle with a rhythmic driven workout with boxing gloves instead of a bicycle. My instructor was full of energy and a boxing expert. He did a nice job explaining the workout and technique. Here’s what you can expect during your workout experience: 

  • A bomb playlist. Again, think SoulCycle playlist, but with boxing gloves

  • You will definitely feel the beat and rhythm from the curated playlist which keeps you motivated as well as on beat with the punch combinations

  • New to boxing? Well, you’ll receive a full tutorial on the specific types of punches. There are even large screens signaling the punching combos just in case you forget 

  • The instructor will guide you through a complete 50-minute boxing experience simulating a boxing match 

  • You will receive your very own pair of boxing gloves and wrist wraps

  • You can go at your own pace and fitness level. I like how the instructor provide modifications to each exercise. This is especially important during strength training and ab work. I appreciated being able to modify an exercise and not risk injury

  • The resistance training is High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) meaning each exercise is timed and you work as hard as you can until the next exercise or rest

  • Be prepared to sweat. Like tons and tons of sweat

  • You will work your ENTIRE body. Be prepared to be very sore two days after class! The boxing gloves are heavy and you will work everything from your shoulders, biceps, abs, thighs, ankles...literally every muscle group

So Will I Go Again? 

In short, yes, I will go again. I had a ton of fun with my girlfriends and I let out aggression I didn’t know I had! I felt euphoric after releasing my frustration on the punching bag and my energy was sky high. I must admit that the parking situation was extremely frustrating to me, but once the class got started I forgot all about my horrible parking experience. If I could change one thing about my experience, it would be the instructor. He was great, but not a great match for me. Just like Crossfit or SoulCycle it may take a few classes to find your perfect match in an instructor. I would love to go back and find my perfect match