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Best Parental Control Apps For Monitoring Your Teen's Smartphone

Whether your child is 3 or 16, they are using mobile devices. At 3 years old parents may want to monitor pop-up ads and screen time. However, as children enter adolescents parents want to monitor overall usage, screen time, text, location, and social media. I’ve put together a recommended list of mobile apps for monitoring your teen’s cell phone. I hope you find the list useful and are able to find the perfect app that meets both your family and child’s needs.

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"When They See Us"- Why I Let My Teen Watch

Did you let your teen watch When They See Us? Well, I did, and I sharing how I used When They See Us as tool to initiate a dialogue about race, racism, an social injustice. Explaining race and racism to your teen can be emotional and feel like a minefield, but it doesn’t have to. Read my tips for sparking race and social injustice conversations with your teen.

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